We have lots of fun stuff here including t-shirts, notepads, totebags, onesies, gift cards, and more! If you’re interested in having flowers, a gift basket, champagne or anything else to make your – or your loved one’s – visit extra special, contact us at or call (707) 937-1543


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Gift Certificates

Everyone digs a gift card or certificate to The Andiron in any amount and they never expire! You have two choices! 

  • Super quick and super easy…a digital gift card in any amount sent to your gift-ee in minutes!
  • Or, you can have us send your gift-ee one of our own gift certificates handmade out of old cookbooks, knitting magazines, and garden guides. They’re cool! Order one by calling (707) 937-1543 or emailing us at


  • Looking for something a little more unusual? Like, “one night’s stay in the Nature cabin and put the sixties version of The Parent Trap in the cabin along with two bags of popcorn.” Or, if you’re feeling really really super cool, then give the ultimate and most awesome gift: The Andiron Grand Tour – one night in each cabin (all at once or one at a time), including special gifts with each stay and one-of-a-kind, handmade grand tour t-shirts upon completion ($1,600 plus tax). If you’d like to discuss one of these (or any) unusual gift experiences, call us up at (707) 937-1543 or email Mr. Andiron at – (he’ll get back to you right away, promise).