The Area


Call it the North Coast, the “end of the world,” or just the plain ol’ Mendocino Coast – this is one amazing, cool, beautiful, funky place.


Start with the view. I mean, the VIEWS. Honestly, there’s an incredible nook and unforgettable cranny every minute or so along Highway 1. That means that catching a sunset or a stroll is easy – and usually not crowded. There are big sandy beaches, rocky coves, unmarked blowholes, wildflower-covered bluffs, secret vistas, and even a glass beach! All for you!


The grand outdoors. From the casual biker to the more outdoorsy type, there’s really something for everyone here – kayaking, diving, surfing, fishing, hiking, biking, more. Whether you want to snag a canoe and just splash about for an hour with your kids and the dog, or you’re more hard core and have brought your wet suit and are searching for treasure, you’ll find it five minutes from The Andiron.


The indigenous history. Pretty much the entire north coast is Pomo land of various tribes, but we believe the ancestors of the area we occupy are the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians, also known as the Sho-Ka-Wah people. We take their legacy seriously and are still learning about their history and customs. Cabin 3/Here contains a number of books and stories about this tribe, what they meant to our community, what we owe them, and more. You’ll find references about the Pomo at spots all over the coast, including at Pomo Bluffs Park in Fort Bragg.


The arts. Artists and arty types flocked here during the last century, and helped turn the North Coast into a special place. Not just with art (which is everywhere here) but with what they inspire to flourish around them. Good old bookstores, cool junk shops, tons of fine theater, art classes, our film festival, and an appreciation for culture that seeps into daily life.


And…the hippies! You can’t mention Mendocino without acknowledging the hippies who helped shape it in the sixties and seventies, the back-to-landers made the coast their home. The result? A respect for the land that has never left and that’s good news for you – our farmer’s markets are rich with local produce that shows up at many restaurants.


The weather doesn’t change too much from winter to summer here, but every season does bring a shift in the wildlife on our coasts and in our forests. Birdwatchers are pretty happy here. So are whale watchers. And then there are the seals (and the BABY seals). Totally worth seeing.


The wine. Man, the wine. What can we say? Anderson Valley Pinots and Alsatians….swoooooon. You’ll find wineries around every curve on Highway 128 and we’ll be happy to tell you our favorites worth a visit. Just ask. (P.S. They’re all good. Just pull over at any of ’em and you won’t be disappointed.)

Top reasons we LOVE it here!

  • The redwoods
  • The ocean
  • The way the redwoods meet the ocean
  • Skunk train and rail bikes (ask us about booking for you)
  • The beer…and the wine
  • Strolling and hiking and stopping and sighing
  • The Botanical Garden
  • Seals, turkeys, whales, deer, quail, ravens, hummingbirds, banana slugs …
  • Curvy hills, apple farms, vineyards, goat farms, and redwoods on Highway 128
  • The weather! Misty mornings, beautiful sunsets. Pretty much year- round!

Local Events

– Crab and Wine Days

– Whale Festival

– Mendocino Film Festival

– Boonville Beer Festival

– Pinot Noir Festival

– World’s Largest Salmon Barbeque

– Mendocino’s Fourth of July Parade

– Mendocino Music Festival

– Winesong

– Wine & Mushroom Fest