We love your pets. We really do! We hope The Andiron will always be very pet-friendly. That’s why we have policies in place that will protect your pooches and our guests alike.

  • Please don’t sneak your dog into your cabin. We’ll know. It’s just easier to tell us you have a dog and we can provide you with a dog kit. (We can’t believe we have to say this. Sigh.)
  • Clean up after your pet. Even though you’re out in the country, you still need to clean up. We have really swell, free biodegradable baggies. If you run out of the ones we gave you in your dog kit, let us know and we’ll give you lots more.
  • We provide all dogs with a sheet to cover the furniture if they are going to snuggle on it. PLEASE use it. If they lay on the bed, put the sheet down first. If the climb on a chair or couch, cover it first. If you need extras, we’ll give you as many as you need. If you don’t use the sheet…we will know. You might be thinking we won’t and that your dog barely sheds but…nope. We will definitely know. Our housekeepers are meticulous and will spend hours picking little tiny hairs out of a cushion or comforter.
  • Bring your own pet bed(s) and encourage your pet(s) to use them. sheet provided in your kit.
  • Give your dog a good brush before visiting!
  • Wet dog? Use the pet-friendly towels provided in your pet kit.
  • Your dog must be on leash outside your cabin, even if you’re certain they won’t run away or bother other guests. Beyond your pet’s safety, we also have chickens and goats who are often grazing on the property – please don’t let your dog chase them!
  • This is the big one. Please, please, please don’t leave your dogs in your cabin if you are not there. We know that your dog will probably just snooze while you’re out. Except when he/she doesn’t snooze. That’s when the barking, chewing, scratching, whining, and defecating starts. We so wish this wasn’t the case. But, it is and we cannot be negotiable on this. Most people bring their dogs along with them and leave them in the car. Luckily the weather is rarely too warm or too cold to do so.
  • Please know that while we hope we don’t have to, we will need to charge you for any damages by your pet.

Thank you so much for abiding by these rules! It makes it easier and more enjoyable for everyone, and will help us keep The Andiron pet friendly forever.