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Thank you for so much for your interest in The Andiron | Seaside Inn & Cabins!

The Inn was built in 1959 and was known as The Andiron Lodge for quite a while, until the past owners renamed it "Pacific Mist Inn" after the mist that rolls in and out of the meadow. We purchased the Inn in May 2009 - its 50th anniversary year - and promptly returned the property to its original name and set about redecorating and refurbishing.

People have asked us about how we ended up here. The truth is, we don't have a background in hotels or hospitality. Far from it! Mr. Andiron (Scott) was a banker and then in academia until becoming our full-time Innkeeper. Mrs. Andiron (Madeline) is Creative Director at a marketing firm and works during the week in San Francisco (and DC and NY and elsewhere), and spends her weekends in Little River. We've been married for 25 years and visiting the North Coast for most of those years.

Not long ago, we began thinking about how to build a life around entertaining people, putting our crazy vintage collections to work, and keeping our hands and heads busy...ta-da, buying a funky, old-fashioned lodge and cabins on the coast was just the ticket.

What are we trying to do here? Well, we're pretty simple and little nostalgic, and we're trying to create an unpretentious place that is both. Old-time summer vacation fun combined with kindness and wit and being good stewards of the earth. Our cabins reflect that, that's for sure! You can't miss our love of everything vintage, salvaged, recycled, and rehabbed, like: unusual furniture; old toys and games (like bakelite Viewmasters); unique lamps; and mid-century fabrics. Every cabin is entirely unique and each tells a story.

It's been a great ride so far, and it's just the beginning. We make big and little changes almost every day, including acquiring two good-for-nothing (except being adorable) goats; putting in a chicken coop and chickens; removing many dead trees; switching out the little plastic soap bottles for ecological dispensers; building a fire pit; adding an archery range; and, oh, so much more.

The plans we're scheming up now include removing (even more) dead trees and the thirsty grass and landscaping with vintage playground equipment, a small amphitheater, hammocks, and plenty of drought resistent native trees, flowers, and shrubs; building up our organic vegetable garden; re-wiring the electricity throughout the property; having vintage signs and billboards made; and so much more.

Please come say hello if you come visit, or drop us a line right here at

Thank you!

Mr. and Mrs. Andiron
AKA, Scott Connolly and Madeline Stanionis

and our staff - Kate, Roxana, Juliana, Veronica, Sandra, Silvia, and the many others who help make our place special